Friday, October 12, 2012


So since school sucks right now and I'm super busy, not to mention the fact that it's the one year anniversary of my blog, I figured I do a quick recap of the best pictures from the last year. Enjoy!

Bones DeLarge, Lower Class Brats

Lower Class Brats

Toody Cole, Pierced Arrows

Pierced Arrows

Phil Gnaast, Toxic Holocaust

Toxic Holocaust

Erik Conn, Tia Carrera

Tia Carerra

Russell Abbott, Andy Pfeiffer, Fur King

Fur King

Preston Maddox, Bloody Knives

Bloody Knives

Ben Pickett, Hipsterectomy


JT Smith, Blood Royale

Blood Royale

John Petri, Blood Royale

Blood Royale 

Jim Ortiz, Gian Ortiz, Amplified Heat

Amplified Heat