Friday, February 17, 2012

Fur King

Last night Fur King and Dixie Witch (post here: Tia Carerra, Dixie Witch) played at Lovejoys for Fur King bassist Andy Pfeiffer's birthday. Fur King went on around 10 to a pretty packed house. I had seen them before but it had been a while so I was excited to see them again. I dug their sound immediately and was basically rocking out from the first song. They've got a kind of 70s, very southern heavy rock thing going on and it totally works. The set itself was well executed and fun to watch. They introduced nearly every song by claiming that it was about having sex. Unfortunately, I didn't manage to memorize their lyrics so I can neither confirm nor deny this statement. But whatever they were about, they were all energetically and enthusiastically played. Dixie Witch played after and were badass as usual. It was a great show and everyone seemed to have a great time.

Russell Abbott (vocals, guitar), Andy Pfeiffer (bass), Augie Arreola (drums)








Sunday, February 12, 2012


Last night I went out to the new Beauty Ballroom for the first time to see Yob play with Eagle Claw (post here: Eagle Claw) and Skycrawler. Unfortunately I only caught the end of Skycrawler's set but what I heard sounded great so I'm definitely going to make it a point to go to one of their shows soon. Eagle Claw played an exhilarating set as always. Yob took the stage around midnight to an enthusiastic crowd. The venue was packed and the head banging commenced the moment the music did. While obviously a doom metal band, I don't think they can be just tossed in with a bunch of other bands and forgotten about. Their music is comprised of more than what can be described by just one genre. Mike Scheidt captivated the audience with his juxtaposition of deep, intense vocals with occasional higher pitched shrieking. Their lengthy songs never felt interminable or overdrawn but instead were purposeful and powerful. These guys obviously mean business and played to a crowd who gratefully accepted further proof of their greatness.

Mike Scheidt (vocals, guitar), Aaron Reiseberg (bass), Travis Foster (drums)