Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Man-Eaters of Tsavo

Last night I ventured down to San Antonio to see The Man-Eaters of Tsavo play at Nightrocker. I hadn't been to a show in San Antonio in a long time so I was excited to go meet up with an old friend and see an awesome band. The venue was pretty cool despite the fact that there were these random leopard print clad people who jumped up on stage between sets to sing along with the music. At least the bands were good! The Man-Eaters of Tsavo played second to last. I hadn't heard of them before so I was interested to see what they were all about. Their music was a kind of blues-y metal with some psychedelic tinges.  The sound was heavy but definitely blues influenced. Their songs were really long and mostly instrumental but they never felt overdrawn or tedious. Guitarist/vocalist Eddie Hernandez played some awesome, intense guitar solos but didn't overpower the rest of the band like other guitarists sometimes do. Bassist Roberto Hofmann clearly knew his stuff and played some really interesting and different bass lines. James Moody played drums and not only provided a good rhythm for the songs, but definitely added his own punch to the mix. They were great and collaborated well to produce some really awesome music. Hopefully we can get them to play in Austin soon!

Eddie Hernandez (guitar, vocals), Roberto Hofmann (bass), James Moody (drums)








Sunday, January 15, 2012

Pickled Punks

I hate Friday the 13th. I'm stupidly superstitious so I always get all paranoid when that day rolls around. So I'm not even joking when I say that I almost didn't go out at all haha. But I'm really glad that I did because I got to see the awesome local band, Pickled Punks, at Headhunters. Apparently a pickled punk is some kind of freaky human fetus in formaldehyde which, I think, is exactly why they chose it as their name. Their music was twangy but fast and loud. It was crazy and ridiculous and humorous and intense. Mike, on guitar, performed flawlessly, while upright bassist Jasen kept up the lively but intense tempo. Drummer Destin smashed his drum set, keeping time and adding his own style to the music. All the while, vocalist Spike was all over the place. Even while thrashing around in the middle of the crowd or on top of the bar, he never missed a beat. I had a great time at the show and I hope to see them again soon!

Spike (vocals), Mike (guitar), Jasen (upright bass), Destin (drums)









Monday, January 9, 2012

Tia Carrera and Dixie Witch

Tia Carrera and Dixie Witch, along with several other bands (including Lower Class Brats, post here: Lower Class Brats ) played at Red 7 Saturday night. I had never seen Tia Carrera play before so I wasn't sure what I was in for. Instrumental, experimental and experiential is the best way I can describe the show. Experimental in the heaviest sense of the word. I was totally blown away by the show. Their long songs seemed to put the crowd in a kind of trance and I think it can easily be said that everyone was enthralled. Their music is something that has to be experienced. I had heard some of their stuff beforehand, but it was nothing like their live show. It was pretty much amazing and I'll be looking out for their future shows. Stoner rock badasses Dixie Witch played after them and rocked it as usual. I've seen them several times and I always enjoy their shows. Drummer Trinidad Leal, who is also lead vocalist, has a gravely but distinctly tough voice. Their music has a definitive stoner sound but they have a very unique and clever way of putting it all together. Overall, the show was a success and I am thrilled to have experienced it.

Tia Carerra: Jamey R. Simms (guitar, bass), Jason Morales (guitar, bass), Erik Conn (drums)





Tia Carerra


Dixie Witch: JT Smith (guitar), Curt Christenson (bass, vocals), Trinidad Leal (drums, lead vocals)

Dixie Witch






Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Venomous Maximus

To kick off free week, several bands played a show at Beauty Bar Sunday night. Unfortunately, I missed the first few bands and failed on my pics of Skycrawler (I'll post about you guys next time you play!), but I caught Venomous Maximus and Ancient VVisdom. Ancient VVisdom was great, as always; check out my previous post about them! I saw Venomous Maximus a few months ago in Houston with, ironically, AVV. They were great then, and they lived up to their standard Sunday night. Gregg Higgins' booming vocals resounded throughout the bar, capturing the audience's attention. His, as well as fellow guitarist Christian Larson's, guitar tone was sharp, with their riffs rising and falling, creating some pretty forceful music. Drummer Bongo provided some great accented drumming. The resonating tone and steady rhythm of bassist Trevi Biles nicely rounded out the music. Overall their music was well constructed and very engaging and everyone seemed to enjoy it.

Gregg Higgins (vocals, guitar), Christian Larson (guitar), Trevi Biles (bass), Bongo (drums)