Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Venomous Maximus

To kick off free week, several bands played a show at Beauty Bar Sunday night. Unfortunately, I missed the first few bands and failed on my pics of Skycrawler (I'll post about you guys next time you play!), but I caught Venomous Maximus and Ancient VVisdom. Ancient VVisdom was great, as always; check out my previous post about them! I saw Venomous Maximus a few months ago in Houston with, ironically, AVV. They were great then, and they lived up to their standard Sunday night. Gregg Higgins' booming vocals resounded throughout the bar, capturing the audience's attention. His, as well as fellow guitarist Christian Larson's, guitar tone was sharp, with their riffs rising and falling, creating some pretty forceful music. Drummer Bongo provided some great accented drumming. The resonating tone and steady rhythm of bassist Trevi Biles nicely rounded out the music. Overall their music was well constructed and very engaging and everyone seemed to enjoy it.

Gregg Higgins (vocals, guitar), Christian Larson (guitar), Trevi Biles (bass), Bongo (drums)









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