Monday, January 9, 2012

Tia Carrera and Dixie Witch

Tia Carrera and Dixie Witch, along with several other bands (including Lower Class Brats, post here: Lower Class Brats ) played at Red 7 Saturday night. I had never seen Tia Carrera play before so I wasn't sure what I was in for. Instrumental, experimental and experiential is the best way I can describe the show. Experimental in the heaviest sense of the word. I was totally blown away by the show. Their long songs seemed to put the crowd in a kind of trance and I think it can easily be said that everyone was enthralled. Their music is something that has to be experienced. I had heard some of their stuff beforehand, but it was nothing like their live show. It was pretty much amazing and I'll be looking out for their future shows. Stoner rock badasses Dixie Witch played after them and rocked it as usual. I've seen them several times and I always enjoy their shows. Drummer Trinidad Leal, who is also lead vocalist, has a gravely but distinctly tough voice. Their music has a definitive stoner sound but they have a very unique and clever way of putting it all together. Overall, the show was a success and I am thrilled to have experienced it.

Tia Carerra: Jamey R. Simms (guitar, bass), Jason Morales (guitar, bass), Erik Conn (drums)





Tia Carerra


Dixie Witch: JT Smith (guitar), Curt Christenson (bass, vocals), Trinidad Leal (drums, lead vocals)

Dixie Witch






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