Friday, November 4, 2011

Toxic Holocaust

So last night Toxic Holocaust played at Red 7 here in Austin. I had really wanted to go and I was bummed because I thought that you had to have a Fun Fun Fun Fest wristband to get in. But it turned out that I just had to pay a cover to see them so I was excited about that. Joel Grind formed the band in 1999 and hasn't stopped manipulating his musical style since. While they are definitely a metal band, hardcore punk undeniably has had a prominent influence on their music. Right from the start, they came out in full force. Joel's gravely vocals and heavy handed guitar playing really got the crowd going. Bassist Phil Gnaast and drummer Nicholas T. Rage didn't miss a beat and maintained the rushed pace of the music. The dark themes of their songs really came together well with Joel's gruff vocals and the fiery instrumentation. There was quite a pit going, and it was obvious that the crowd was as worked up about the show as ever.

Joel Grind (vocals, guitar), Phil Gnaast (bass), Nicholas T. Rage (drums)







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