Monday, October 24, 2011

Pierced Arrows, Krum Bums

I've been to some great shows this year, but I have to say seeing Pierced Arrows at Lovejoys last night tops the list. Guitarist/vocalist Fred Cole has been involved in the music scene for a long time which is made evident by his badass instrumentation and confidence on stage. He's clearly a maverick doing his own thing. His wife Toody threw out some incredible bass lines that betray her years of experience. Both Fred and Toody are alumni of their previous band, Dead Moon, a rough rock and roll band that disbanded in 2006. Toody, who shares vocals with her husband, had an awesomely acerbic voice that I heard compared to a spitting cobra. Kelly Halliburton held it down with his impassioned drumming. I'd have to say my favorite song of the evening was the last one, called Paranoia. The lyrics were agonizing and exposed their exceptional skill and powerful love of and dedication to their music.

Earlier, on Saturday night I went down to Red 7 to hear Krum Bums play for my weekly dose of good ol' punk rock. The whole band spent the entire show tearing up the stage and murdering their instruments. Luckily the stage didn't collapse while lead vocalist Dave Tejas demanded the audience's attention with his biting voice. Guitarists Trae Dog and Justin Hall and bassist Ry Meyer raced through the songs at an unstoppable pace, while Nick Kasten kept up with some fierce drumming. Although the set list was diverse, the execution of it was cohesive and showed that they clearly know what they're doing. The audience responded enthusiastically so props to Krum Bums for putting on a great show.

Pierced Arrows: Fred Cole (vocals, guitar), Toody Cole (vocals, bass), Kelly Halliburton (drums)


Pierced Arrows

Pierced Arrows


Pierced Arrows


Krum Bums: Dave Tejas (lead vocals), Trae Dog (guitar), Justin Hall (guitar), Ry Meyer (bass), Nick Kasten (drums)