Sunday, October 16, 2011

Lower Class Brats

So last night I was happy to be able to see Lower Class Brats at Red 7. I saw them back in July and they had put on a good show, so I was interested in seeing them again. They didn't disappoint. Well executed straight punk rock always makes for a good show. While I can name a few bands where the members just stand there and play, the same can not be said about Lower Class Brats. They played with the energy of a band playing their most important show. The audience, although smaller than usual, started a mini mosh pit and clearly loved their fast, heated show. Vocalist Bones DeLarge, red faced and passionate, commanded the stage, violently spewing his lyrics at the crowd. After 15 years, they're still rocking like the day they started.

Bones DeLarge (vocals), Marty Volume (guitar), Evo (bass), Joey the Kid (drums)











  1. Hello Madison. My name is Kelley Willingham. Always good to see a new (I say new simply because your blog is new. The quality of your work seems more in line with somebody who has experience with this kind of photography.) face on the local music photography scene.

    I'm a live music junkie and photography myself as well. My little portfolio I'm working on right now --> and

    Can't wait to see more from you. :)

  2. Thank you! I post for as many good shows as I can get to! I liked your pictures too, and thanks for stopping by!