Thursday, October 6, 2011

400 Blows

I saw 400 Blows for the first time when they opened up for Butthole Surfers at Emo's East a few weeks ago. I thought they were awesome so I was excited that they were coming back. The show was at Mohawk inside and despite a disappointing turnout, it was a great show. Vocalist Skot Alexander was all over the place on stage and totally got the crowd going with his antics. I really enjoyed hearing guitarist Scott Martin play his characteristic loud, chaotic riffs with lots of distortion. Drummer Kevin Fitzgerald did some intense drumming, choosing to play holding his drumsticks backwards. Overall it was a great show. I caught up with Scott Martin the next day to find out a little bit more about the band.

Me: Ok so how did y'all come up with your name?
Scott: 400 blows is the name of a French film, I highly recommend it.. However, I also highly recommend the movies of Jim Varney.. So.....

M: How long have you guys been a band and are you all founding members?
S: The band has been around for about 15 years, Kevin and I are the new kids, Skot is the founding member.

M: What's the story behind not having a bassist?
S: Not necessary, we have our own little dynamic that we rather enjoy. Plus, how would we pay him? No thanks!

M: Who writes the songs?
S: We all write everything together, although, I heard a rumor that Barry Manilow writes the songs. Wow! How bad was that joke?

M: What has been your favorite show/venue/city that you've played?
S: Probably the greatest town we've ever played, hands down, is Eugene, Oregon, real nice people, real open minded.... Just kidding, fuck that place. We usually do well in Chicago, New York, SF, LA, Baltimore, and Austin... I have noticed, after being out on tour for so long, almost every city has it's pocket of awesome. They all kind of rule, and it's always a blast making new friends and finding said pockets... Except Eugene, Oregon. Seriously, I repeat, fuck that place!

M: And what are your musical and nonmusical inspirations?
S: We all listen to a lot of different stuff. Not to sound cliche, but in the van we're pretty much bumping everything and anything... I don't know how much that influences what we do though... I think personally we're inspired by torment, depression, puppies, ice cream, the devil, time travel, the future, the winter olympics, and the current economic crisis. Oh, and dub-step, that shit's juuust great.




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